Should I get my old dog a puppy?

I am frequently asked about introducing a new puppy to a senior dog (we will discuss cats another day). There are concerns whether the two will get along. Hopes that the puppy or will bring new energy to an aging pet. Questions about what breed or sex the newcomer should be. We will discuss introduction…

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Opening Day is October 6th!

Why is Brian so happy? It’s because we are opening on the 6th of October. Our first day will have treats for both humans and dogs and cats. There will be an opening party a bit later in the month. The hospital gives high-quality care to all pets in the District and adjacent communities in Maryland. The…

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Sometimes our job is easy

I wonder what the Labrador ate? Believe it or not, this is not an unique case. A friend recently posted a picture of a Lab with 5 rubber duckies in his stomach. 

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Summertime Safety!

Summer is finally here! We talked about heat stroke in a recent post, but there a re a number of other issues to be aware of now that the heat is on, kids are out of school and the parties are on. While we at District Veterinary Hospital are busy choosing furniture and seeing housecalls,…

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Summertime and Overheating

It’s summer in Washington – time for tourists, ice cream and panting dogs. We at District Veterinary Hospital want you to be aware of the dangers posed by overheated dogs. It is imperative that all dog owners and people caring for dogs understand the dangers of overheating, known as hyperthermia. A dog’s body temperature may …

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Pet Insurance

We are big fans of pet insurance. Differences exist between plans – some are comprehensive and cover everything, others only illness. In general, we recommend illness-based insurance – it will help during those unexpected emergencies and problems. Pet insurance works via reimbursing you, the client directly. When you leave the hospital, you pay the balance…

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