An Update on Canine Influenza

Winter is usually known for respiratory illnesses in humans, especially influenza. Humans’ best friend can also get their own influenza viruses, which are not seasonal, and should not be ignored. The dog flu, as it’s commonly known, is thankfully not known to spread to people, and is thought to be of low risk to people…

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Solensia For Cats

Your cat may have arthritis. Osteoarthritis in cats is similar to that in people and dogs.  OA, also referred to as degenerative joint disease, is where cartilage is worn down and / or damaged, and possible new bone formation develops around bony joints. This results in varying degrees of pain and swelling, leading to low…

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Safely Trimming Your Christmas Tree

Don’t Chop Down The Tree – Trim it Safely! For many in our community, this ritual happens every December: putting up the Christmas tree. It’s joyful and brings many happy memories and starts the holiday cheer. But beneath this green beacon lays a bit of a more sinister side for pets, especially cats. Let’s discuss…

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Monkeypox and Pets

As COVID starts to wane, we have a different challenge, monkeypox. This virus is not new and is thankfully rarely fatal. It can cause uncomfortable and sometimes disfiguring pimples or blisters on the face, inside the mouth, and on other body parts, including hands, feet, genitals, and anus.  Similar to COVID-19, clinical signs may cause…

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What The Liver Does

You can’t live without a liver. Spleen? Sure. Only one kidney? You bet. But the liver? Nope. It serves myriad functions, which cannot be substituted by another organ. For both pets and humans, liver care is essential. The liver is the largest internal organ in a mammal’s body, sitting on top of the intestines and…

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Cicadas Are Awesome

Be aware that we are in line for another invasion, albeit an event we have experienced 17 years ago. Cicadas. Trillions of them. Cicadas are stout-bodied insects with broad heads, clear-membraned wings, and prominent compound eyes. The species which inhabit the DC Metro Area are greenish in color and are about 2 inches long. Larval…

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The Importance of an Annual Physical

The benefits of a physical examination. For best health we visit the dentist at least once per year. And like clockwork see your physician for a physical examination. Your pets are biological creatures such as yourself and require the same amount of medical attention, if not even more. The average age expectancy in the United…

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Traveling With Pets

As travel restrictions have abated, pets are on the move once again. This is true domestically and internationally. Last month we featured cultural differences between Italy and the United States, but how does a dog actually get to Italy? Or San Francisco, for that matter. Within the United States, each state is its own jurisdiction,…

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Ticks Ticks Ticks

Ticks are a perennial problem for human and animal health, as they are vectors of transmission of various potentially debilitating ailments. Utilizing flea and tick preventives is well known and accepted, but many people fail to take appropriate precautions for their own health. The summer 2021 season is proving to be a bonanza year for…

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Separation Anxiety

With cautious optimism, it is time to start preparing our furry friends for our return to a modified pre-pandemic life. As quickly as we began to be home most of the time, we can return to the office, leaving our pets at home for extended periods of time. A sudden change in our habits can…

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