Hospital Tour & Services

Join Brian, Nala, Koda, and the staff of the hospital for a tour of Brookland!

And Eastern Market!


Warmth of Home

  • An awesome, knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Spacious lobby with room to spread out
  • Complimentary coffee and snacks
  • Lots of light and comfortable furniture
  • Book exchange

Digital Medical Records

  • Paperless and well organized, our medical records make tracking patient histories and charts efficient and seamless
  • Allows for printing / e-mailing of charts, medical notes, vaccine certificates and discharge notes
  • Permits uploading of previous medical histories to allow for continuation of care, keeping all of your pets’ medical records n on place

Medical Examinations

  • Large exam rooms with rugs, comfortable furniture and excellent lighting, giving a sense of calm to you and your furry friend
  • Exams are 30-45 minutes, longer, if needed, and are not rushed
  • Our doctors are the care-givers, unlike corporate practices
  • For established clients, we offer drop-off appointments for convenience

Health Certificates

  • Domestic travel certificates available during routine exams
  • The International Travel Center at District Vet will help with international health certificates and help coordinate international travel

Diagnostic Imaging

  • Digital radiography, allowing images to immediately be available in medical records and for instant viewing in the exam rooms with clients
  • Images can be e-mailed, printed or burned to a disc for referral purposes
  • Ultrasound available by appointment
  • Digital dental radiography


  • Full in-house Abaxis laboratory, allowing for rapid return of laboratory results
  • Numerous reference laboratories used for specialty testing


  • State of the art surgery suite and monitoring equipment, including ECG, carbon dioxide monitoring, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature
  • We perform mass removals, spays, neuters, soft-tissue surgery, wound repairs and emergency abdominal surgery


  • High speed, compressed air dental unit for efficient and safe dental procedures
  • Digital dental X-rays for rapid evaluation of tooth health
  • Same protocols and monitoring equipment as general surgery


  • Comprehensive in-house pharmacy
  • Full line of regular and veterinary diets at the front desk
  • Refills for in-house medications available on-line
  • Specialty pharmacy and food delivery easily available, too

Other Services

  • We have dog and cat treats and toys in reception, along with a number of over-the-counter supplements and supplies.
  • Our staff will assist clients with licensing their dog in the District – this civic duty has enabled the building of our city’s dog parks