Dr. Julie London

Dr. London is no longer in the DC Metro area, but is still doing telemedicine consults for District Vet.

Originally from Maryland, Dr. Julie London moved to Florida after receiving her undergraduate degree from Towson University. There, she worked in state government to protect Florida’s coastal environment before switching gears to pursue veterinary medicine.

Dr. London is a 2016 graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators) where she earned joint degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health.

After graduation, her husband’s job took them to the central coast of California where she worked as a general practitioner in a busy small animal clinic. Work moved again and she and her husband relocated to Washington, DC, in 2018; she joined District Veterinary Hospital in March 2018.

Dr. London’s favorite part about being a veterinarian is teaching – of course, it doesn’t hurt she gets to meet dogs and cats all day long. She knows veterinary medicine can be tricky because we have to combine people, pets, finances, and emotions, which can make for some stressful times at the clinic. Dr. London is passionate about educating owners so they understand the approach to their pets’ health and works hard to unify the clinic-owner team to achieve the best possible outcomes for our furry loved ones.

Why the Public Health degree? Veterinary medicine is her primary focus now, but she is interested in overlap between human and animal health, and human health issues including access and availability of health resources and policy.

Although she loves her job, she loves her days off, too. Dr. London enjoys ballroom dancing, as well as quieter hobbies such as painting. When the weather is warm, she likes to be outside (biking, running, sitting; land, sea-it doesn’t matter). She is excited about all of the dining options and things to do in the District and tries to spend as much time as she can with her bulldog, husband, and other local family..

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