Fun and Care In Kitty Teenage Years

Everyone loves kittens, but the real fun starts when your cat hits the age of one. At this time, your cat is past his “teenage” years, and you can now enjoy all the dedication you gave to training your furry little friend!

Although your cat may be past their more rambunctious phase, they still love to play! Cats love the game of pursuit, so make sure that you continue to play with them often and always. They will always be fascinated with light, movements, shadows, and surprises, so make sure that your cat gets these stimuli often. Cats this age also love to bond, and a great way to do this by brushing them. Most cats like to be stroked, and brushing can remove hairballs and loose hair that would otherwise be flying all over around your home.

Adult cats often obtain three new behaviors: hissing, hiding, and kneading. Hissing and spitting may sound like terrible behaviors, but cats only do this when they feel like they are in danger. This is their mechanism of warding off their enemies, and is used to avoid (not start) a fight. Once this danger is gone, your cat will resume their normal posture. Cats also like to hide in high places because at this point in their lives, they’ve learned that high ground usually leads to an escape. Lastly, your cat may knead your legs when you’re sitting down. This is behavior is learned when they are still nursing, because they knead their mothers. Cats find this to action to be stress relieving, and they often carry it into their adulthood.

Although kittens should be fully vaccinated, they will still require booster shots. This is where District Veterinary Hospital can help you! Call us to schedule appointments for checkups, or if they become sick. Cats also require regular dental care, so be sure to discuss this with us if you are unsure as to what to do. One thing that is uncommon in cats is vomiting. Cats often vomit up hairballs or if they have eaten too much too quickly, but if it persists they should be brought to District Veterinary.

All in all, your cat is now wiser in years but never too old to be your friend, so enjoy them now and forever!

– Britnee Frizol

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